Love Is Such a Strong Word

Love is such a strong word, you see-
It was based upon reality, casualty and face to ones like you and me.
Love you think is royalty, but trust in love causes loyalty.
Just stay ready to battle me;
Deep in lust, it's too shallow, you see.
It's hectic to say all in three, that love is a strong word, you see.
By itself it's lonely, but only hate has already showed me
That it could have been me who does not see.
Who would guide the eyes that have seen all the lies?
For that lies in her heart, stays in her brain-
This love is not the same.
From sneaking, to cheating, now he's beating her up,
Physically, mentally, emotionally, it has control, you see?
To cover up with make-up:fakes up, wakes up to break ups.
Love has things in three.
It won't waste your time to make you say you're fine when you're not.
Tears that you and I cry caused our love to say goodbye.
Yet love gone, look for me, when I'm ready to see
That love is such a strong word, you see?

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