Love Is the Prize

I'm living but not really alive
dark days drip into acidic nights,
weeks spill over into unmemorable months
Noises meander in and out and people bob up and down.
I can't really say I'm enjoying this
But it's all that i know now.
My legs feel as heavy as lead and my mind is starting to go.
I've tried to screw a cork in it but it always resolves its flow.
Earlier and earlier or maybe later and later,
I can't really tell anymore.
That maleficent voice permeating inside; It'll be fine.
Wait for a better day.
Actually I know it wont be fine. Something's got to give.
It's warm and fuzzy in here, for a while,
and not as scary as when I'm dry.
But In between the ripples, I can see, Im at risk of losing it all.
They say love conquers all and at first I wasn't sure.
But looking back I stuck to the path and now I'm letting go.
A warm, playful stream of light trickles in,
His smile pools a little and gingerly he askes, 'everything alright?'
That heavenly light that once made me laugh,
no longer has to hear me cry.
For It's gone completely now with a voyage all alone.
Which port will it arrive at next searching for new souls to own?
Here, the water runs clearer, brighter and love is the prize.
I thank God, I'm so very much alive.

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