Love Is True

The moment I thought that love was true
Was the first time I laid my eyes on you
I knew that day that you'd be mine

I wanted to hold you till the end of time.
I had a chance but did you wrong
And before I knew it you were gone
Without your love I felt so poor
I'd never felt such pain before
But then I though and prayed to God
"Bring back my love for one more chance
And I promised to you I'll make her heart dance"
He answered my prays, now your back
So its finally time for me to act
I want to fulfill all your dreams
Make you feel like your my queen
Hold you tight within my arms
Making sure your never harmed
Make you happy make you smile
Even if only for awhile
Cuss life isn't perfect it never is
But with you by my side it's full of bliss
Then we kiss and start to relize it's all OK
We take each others pain away
You love me and I love you
Together we know that love is true

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