Love Is…

I once heard someone say that life is constant sacrifice
That we continually give up parts of ourselves to make others happy
But is this right?
Do we not only live once?
Isn't happiness the one goal that we all yearn to achieve?

Is it for gold that we strive? For power? For immortality?
No. Love makes us bend and break, laugh and cry, fight and lose
Love. a many-faceted word, like a priceless gem
Precious, indeed
But fleeting like the summer
Skittish as a wild horse
Afraid of being caged, afraid of being broken
Amazing to behold, but elusive in its capture

Treasure its beauty when it is found
Grip it tightly when it is yours
Fight fiercely when it is contested
Treat gently when it is safe

I once heard someone say that love is constant effort
That it must be nurtured with devotion, compromise, and tenderness
But isn't this true?
Do we not revel in its existence?
Is it not what poets have rejoiced in, and songs have highly praised?
I believe so

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