Love Jones

Love jones
flowing through my bones
damn this feels so good
his hands on my thighs
his love on my mind
real black man and damn he fine
you can tell by my smile
that he keeps my pussy wet
sucking on my toes
yeah that's a bet
he keeps my attitude right
and he knows when to check her
dick swell up when he building up that pressure
and he got be hood
gripping on my waist
sex have to be good
soft kisses on my face
he got me in all these crazy positions
face down
ass up
all in my kitchen
how can this ever go wrong
dreaming about your love all night long
got my ass bouncing to every song he put on
dropping my clothes every time I ride along
He real nasty
eat my ass without questions
look me right in my eyes and call me his blessing
squeeze my neck with his hands like we wrestling
he make sure i feel every stroke
definitely got me obsessed with it
see them vanes busting out
now watch it get thicker
then put his head in my mouth
and I'm going keeping spitting up
now lay me on my back and push up against my cat
until i feel the throbbing on his bone
make love to me baby
I'm about to
I'm about to let out my love jones
damn he done did it again
now we going for round three
that's why i love them country men

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