Love Kills

Love kills all your hopes, dreams, & sometimes even your selfestem.
So why can't he see how much I love him?
All you do is bend over backwards for that person.
Sooner or later your back finally gives out & you finally give up.
Why is it that we care about what the person we love thinks about us?
Why are we always afraid to ask questions.
The ones we really want an answer to?
Is it because we are afraid to get hurt?
Why don't we ever go for that one person that means the world to us?
Why do we always end up going for the type of guy we are used to?
Maybe because it's safer, it's territory that we are used to.
Maybe because we know what & how much of it to expect.
Maybe it's because we are afraid to try for what we really deserve?
Love kills & when it does it always kills the best part of us.

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