It has been years since I felt loves spark
Prancing through the park trying to kickstart
My lonely heart
Getting my feelings out there among the visual arts
Hoping to jumpstart what pried it apart
Keeping a safety chain around all the best parts
Looking for the lady who wants to restart it

Realizing when love starts its way
I must have all my feelers out to play
Obeying these inlaid emotions
That rock the smooth motion
Leading to the entrance to my heart
Igniting my spirit like a shooting dart
Seeking to find a loving heart
That recovers these shooting sparks
After dark

Leaping through all the top charts
Just hoping to find the woman who wants the right start
One that will last forever without a broken heart
A lady who is beautiful, cunning and smart
A real cutie that is full of internal beauty
Who is proud of her outstanding booty
A woman whose love is on full duty

One that is done eluding the past
A lady who lives in the future having a blast
A woman who is ready to recast her love
Without creating any backlash
When all the parts of my heart are unmast
To outlast any love from our past
A woman who can unchain my heart
A sweetheart who wants forever love
From the very start

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When we lye in waiting ready and willing for the right lady. to unchain our heart