Love Letter Lost

she smells his dirty socks when he's away
and he loves to carry her soiled underwear
refusing to swallow the semon
collecting the mountain dew flavored cum at the roof
of the mouth tasting at the tips of the teeth
the cigarette smoke and junk-food thick and swirling
with our lovers genetics, corn syrup nicotine stained
DNA darlings of the future, smoking chalk-dust
and pissing erasable marker picking the computer keyboard
pieces from out of the teeth
spitting a root-canal candy methadone
back into each others mouth breath a sick and heavy
neon-glow glimmering fluorescent warmth
in the cool of night we share together
walking with weak-kneed flatfooted strut
faking grace with the coolidge corner kids
shining the kind of smile that looks sweet enough
to smash, the ones who text love letters back home
to mom and dad, celebrating their own personal
end of the world
blaming it on everyone but themselves
selling their soul to blame
and bartering their face at the bargain counter.

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