Love Like Our Elders

Daylight ascends but inevitably fades,
Replaced by darkness belonging to the night
An unremitting cycle.
The moon loves that sun so dearly.
Such worship and adoration
With the forfeiture of his days to let her shine bright.
So she could share her beauty with all of us.

Day after day and year after year,
Since the dear Adam and eve damned us all,
There they've been, up so high.
These wise elders of our sky.

A moon that burns with affection for the sun
And gives her the entire world each day,
Here we stand beneath her luminous rays
Living under a genuine illustration of love
Yet our world continues to live in loathe.

Odium within our bones
Venom within our words
And all with no true rationale.
Why can't we love
As those who love in our sky?

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