Love Like the Sea

The sea just as thoughts fill and flow,
and the more you think the deeper you go.
The more you express your mind to create
a detailed sea for you and me.
To drift about in each other's minds,
to share just as the sky, you and I,
two elements that intertwine.
The waves that crash to kiss the shore
just like my words to meet to yours.
To meet your ears,
my words to reach into your mind,
and make you feel with beams of warmth.
As the horizon reminds me of your radiant smile
I am engulfed by your captivating light once more.
A sea filled with secrets for only us to share,
like a message bottle set to wander along the water.
The water of my thought's emotions with the secrets within untold,
glide across the ocean in a swift yet subtle motion
to meet you once again.

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This Poems Story

My name is Bianca A. Moreno. I am fifteen years old. I am a sophomore in high school. I enjoy writing, singing, drawing, and reading. I love helping people. I am able to connect and care for people regardless of who they are. I am in tune with my emotions and able to express myself through art and literature. There is so much more to me than people perceive. I created this poem that is inspired by the mindset of a girl in love comparing her emotions to the captivating sea and how she treasures her love.