Love Lost


There will always be an aching empty place where you used to be.
I know it only hurts this much because you meant so much to me.
They say its better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.
I treasure every day i spent with you, & every cherish moment I can recall.
I hold onto all these memories and carry them with me every day.
But sometimes I cant help but sit and cry and curse the day you went away.
I'm told God has a plan and its not up to us to know what that's all about.
Sometimes I cant see past my own pain and its His existence I begin to doubt.
I'm sorry because I know, You would have wanted better for me.
You would want me to know that you are in a better place happy and free.
But I’m left here to pick up all the pieces of my shattered broken heart.
And my life is supposed to go on, but I have no idea where to start.
I force myself to face the each day with a fake and painted smile.
I know in time this pain will subside but its going to
take while.
So each day as I think of you
I hope what they say is true.
That you are in heaven watching over me while I’m here missing you.
For the sake of your memory and all you loved so dear.
I will go on, and make you proud all the while wishing you were here.
I will hold your love close in my heart and with thoughts of you always near.
I know that you are never far and one day I will see you once again.
I can see you wink in the stars and I hear love you whispered in the wind.
~Tamara Seraph

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