Love Lost

Sweet love requited, my heart so fine
When the depths of my soul were lost
'Twas not a lover's call that had me crying,
But the memory of a brother gone
Gone was he, high above
To the wispy tendrils of Heaven
He took with him part of my heart
Oh! sweet love, hath not none other
To blindly walk through a dark world
With only a voice to guide you
In long years past, I wish I could bring comfort
My heart but broken on what seems a cruel twist of fate
Will I move forward to love again,
When my sweet love has gone?
The emptiness in my heart, I feel I could never replace
I cry his name to the end of time
Oh, sweet love requited! Why do you tempt me?
When my heart grieves and my soul cries
I long to find him, my love
Yet he left, too soon for me to understand
His eyes I feel are watching me
Guiding me along the way
Soon I will see him again, I know,
But for now I have to wait
Sweet, sweet love requited
You lead my heart astray

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