Love, Magma and Magnetism

I find it stupid that I always wait for your call
Why do we need a plastic wire when our souls are on fire?
My emeotions become rusty; like autumn leaves they fall
From within, closed involuntarily by winters of hope
And at this point it feels that life is empty of scope
Not because of the girl-waits-for-the-boy cliche scenario,
But because time passes too fast to grasp anymore.

I find it really stupid that we hide behind fake glory,
of always chaceing, changing and playing a fictional story.
Why don’t we wholeheartedly live by our own story, without a worry?

even the saddest story, the morning glory and the hidden victory.
the tears on your face in purest vulnerability
Oh, God, why do we act as if we were made of stone, with no sensibility?
What if I want to scream, to break, to tear and throw
What if I want to hold your hand wherever I go?
What if I want to dance in the middle of the void?
What if our lives are simply just a modern solenoid?

Our blood is electric, eclectic, narcoleptic
Our emotions were epileptic, your smile was static.
Yet you magnetise the whole world in your eyes,
As that is where the truth lies.

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