Love Mask

She wears the mask of happiness
And it's all you can see
She is always happy to see you and you and even me
There is nothing you can do to make her have sadness inside
She can see the best in people and somehow bring it outside
She wears the mask of happiness that never seems to die

He wears the mask of doubt
Wherever he seems to go he can never get her off of his mind
He loves the way she glows, shines, and how she is so kind
But he doesn't know how she can be this way and love him the same way
She is always happy and he is always doubting

They wear the masks that can never change
As long as they have each other in their range
If one were to run into death
The other would surely change
For if one or the other runs into death
They will wear the mask of sadness
Until the day death decides to come running after them
They wear the masks that complete each other

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