Love more precious than gold
All the memories it unfolds
Planting seeds that blossom ten-fold
Allowing us to fit into life's mold
Lasting through the ages never growing old
Creating this amazing flow
Of our love that only God can bestow

That heats up with the right kind of flavor
Cutting through life like a sharp saber
With the bond that allows us to care
Dressing it all up with the right kind flare
Looking it all over with a deep down stare
Loyal to each other in all that we share
Believing only God can answer our prayer's

Lighting our way through the clouded haze
Bringing love together in extraordinary ways
Sorting through life's tangled maze
On the wings of how our love is portrayed
Like a melody in a perfect serenade
Braided together like sunlight is to shade

Making sure our love is as soft as suede
For you there is nothing I wouldn't trade
Knowing that our sparks will never fade
As our life continues to be told
With love more precious then gold

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This Poems Story

It is a story about finding your true love and how it enhances every phase of your life.