Love of Aquamarine

Before, my world was green.
Not the color of the grass and the trees,
but more. a shade of algae
painted with a surprise of rotting weed
and a desire to fly.
An everlasting color of sickness
trying to escape my body.
The color I feel when I see pretty girls,
the ones chosen by God to smile.
I was camouflaged in green.

With you, everything is blue.
The color of dreams of our future
filled with newborn baby boys.
The smell that ripples
off hydrangeas and forget-me-nots.
A glare of stars bouncing off the water surface.
I'm soaring like a Bahama Swallow
chasing after the swimming whale.
The battle between the sky and the lake;
everything will go south for the winter.

What life is better, blue or green?
One is an overgrown color
and the other the color of drowning.

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