Love of My Life: An Ode to Poetry

We met when I was 9 years old;
digging through my mom’s shoe box being nosey
then I came across this notebook that explained unspoken feelings
reading the words to myself thinking of how it could provide a special healing
it was something about you that made me wanna pursue you
& i knew that once you became apart of me, I wouldn’t wanna lose you
as the years went by, I used you as a way of trying to be a statistic
a young boy wanting to be rapper but let’s be realistic
I was copying poems out of English books but rewriting them in my own way
thinking this could be the key of getting me out the hood & to a better life
but there’s always a game for an artist to play
after years of writing raps, I stopped & focused more on my craft as a poet
then you came down & brought me back up when I reached my lowest
there’s many things I’ve confessed thru you to those I love
all the things I couldn’t say out loud, fearing they’d judge
me for the world I was into & the things that I was doing
& I tried to keep silent because of who I feared losing
those I loved most so here’s to you.
the one that’ll never let me down or leave me high & dry
an ode to my passion for poetry

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