Love on a Breeze

A small seed floats on the spring wind
It finds a crevice in the rocky soil
A warm smile, a soft kiss
Two rose stems twist and intertwine while reaching for the sky
On each stem a tiny bud emerges
Both beautiful and delicate in their own way
A lingering embrace
They grow fast and strong putting down deep roots in the rich soil
Making a house a home
As spring turns into summer two smaller buds burst into bloom
Moist eyes look with pure love
The larger blooms shield the smaller ones from the sun and rain
A cry comforted with a loving embrace
Summer turns to fall
The smaller blooms overtake the larger ones
They are even more beautiful and vibrant
Hand in hand, faces flush with pride
The older blooms fall to the earth
They are content because they know the plant will survive
And flourish after they are gone

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