Love on Angel's Wings

How can I tell you that I love you,
I feel those words are not enough.
Three simple words just don't cut,
the surface because love is tough.
My love is stronger than Superman.
Depth beyond the ocean that is blue,
my love more vast than the universe.
Insufficiently explained to misconstrue.
I love you more than I could explain,
and I hope you are able to conceive.
I would do anything to prove to you,
which is all too easy to misperceive.
There is only a minute in forever when,
death tries to take me away from you.
After death love will continue growing,
because this love is filled with fortitude.
I will seek for you in heaven and earth,
until judgement redeems its share.
If I cannot find you in heaven then,
I would come down the golden stair.
I would give the angels back their wings,
to prove that my eternal love is true.
I would search through Hell forever,
to spend my eternity loving you.

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This Poems Story

Revised from a poem I wrote in 2007. Trying to explain the deepness of my love.