Love on the Low

You have a piece of my heart
A piece I can't get back
You've stolen that part
But as a matter of fact
You can keep that piece
Even if you don't want to
Cause that piece brought me peace
When I was with you

I may have gotten looks from the crowd
They didn't understand
That I was still proud
Cause you were my man
Forget who you were
The things from the past
I thought of them as a blur
Hoping our love would last

See we both had walls
Forbidding the truth
It's like it was a written clause
We didn't know we signed in youth
Cause you had your baggage
And I had mine
I threw yours over the ledge
But you held onto mine

Saying every single day
I needa do better
But the more you would say
Made me want to write this letter
Cause you needa know
And maybe you do
But I still love you on the low
I love you, I do

It's not the things you did
But the way you did
Cause your hard hood mentality
Was broken with reality
You let me in to see the real you
And with time so short I fell for the truth
The truth that a hood boy like you
Could love a girl like me, it's true

But we all make mistakes
And I guess mine was you
Not for the aches
Because more good came than bad
But when I heard what I heard
After letting you in
And if you're a bird I'm a bird
It's like loving you was a sin
Trust, it was all gone
Hope, only found in a song
Honesty, was always wrong
But love, it was still strong
And as much as I hate to admit it
Sometimes I think and just sit
Of what we could have been
If we let our love mend

But that's a mystery too
And now we'll never know
Cause when I'm not with you
Ill still love you on the low.

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