Love, Peace, and Happiness

Why must we hate each other, call each other names,
judge one another, for what will you gain?
We all fight for a cause, but is it really worth it
when the cause that we're fighting for brings nothing but pain?
Step back for a moment, let your anger subside,
reach into your heart and appreciate life.
We all may seem different, different backgrounds, different lives,
but together we are one in humanity, you and I.
Let's stop all this violence, all this hate,
all this crime, because no one is perfect, not you nor I.
This world that we live in will soon turn to dust,
if we can't come together to love and to trust.
So let's end all this madness, all this chaos and sadness,
and let's live in a world full of love, peace and happiness.

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This Poems Story

I grew up in Torrance, CA, with eight siblings raised by a single mother. Money was always tight but she always found a way to get us by. I am now a stay-at-home mom, married to my best friend, and we teach our son the value of life. This poem is a reminder of how precious life is. We should all be able to live together in love, peace, and happiness.