Love Questioned

How long can you follow your heart,
when do you say that it's all been too much?
How do you turn away from someone,
who reaches your heart with just a touch?
How could you live without him,
not knowing if he is alright?
How many night could you get through,
without him holding you tight?
How long have you lived on a hope,
that was little more than a prayer?
How long can you convince yourself,
that he will always be there?
How many times when he hurts himself,
can you take all of the blame?
How many times can you believe,
that this time won't be the same?
How can you put your trust in someone,
who has repeatedly lied?
How can you give your life to a man,
who's turned his back on you as you've cried?
How many times can you forgive him,
just to be left with a broken heart?
How can you ever begin a new life,
when his memory still tears you apart?

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