Love Redefined

Love redefined:

Time 2.19 AM,
Pale black sky and slowly fading petrichor,
along with the cold running rain,
You took me rough against the fogged glass,
unbuttoning the ones you can and tearing the rest of my clothes,
like a child purposefully unwrapping its Christmas present,
I drew towards you, towards a new man,
leaning on my tender thighs with warm sweat and lustful sass.
I remember that soft touch,
the feeling of your skin rubbing against mine
and the fire it brought along like the aging red wine.
Your delicate and fragile lips upon mine unbounded our spirits and we hastily crossed the line.
When you held me right and eagerly watched my naked body,
I screamed in peace inside.
When you spilled kisses into my navel desperately, You made my delicate petals collide.
when I curled my masochistic toes in lust, the burning chandeliers nervously witnessed
while my dry lips savored your tired anoint,
your fingers roamed around my body slowly in quickness.
Watering my soul with your tongue, Passionately watching you,
I traveled all along without any clue,
I couldn't handle what you put me through, I wonder how beautiful must be the view.
And in all the nakedness and darkness that night, I could still see your eyes shining like a glim,
I smiled with glee, Feeling love for the twelfth time,
Silently chanting a rhythm repeated chorus of "I love him".
Silently at 4 am, when your secret and vulnerable scars met the unrevealed and timid wounds of mine,
Love got redefined, that was when I knew what exactly love feels like, a beautiful ethereal crime.

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