Love, Respect it

It happens why you least expect it
Even the broken can neglect it
Harsh actions can make you reject it
It's a natural feeling yet many disrespect it

You feel it in a place hidden deep unable to detect it
Even the strongest have the will to protect it
The wise will always attempt to inspect it
The way it hurts you want to disconnect it

Do unto others we are told to reflect it
Not one soul can harm nor infect it
All of our might we should inject it
There is no need to dissect it

If it falls try everything to correct it
There Is only one who says to select it
Like a steel tower, we must erect it
For our choices would only affect it

Evil is here to try and introspect it
Our savior is coming and he will deflect it
We’ve waited many years and could never perfect it
Until the day when he’s promised to resurrect it.

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too much evil and hate and betrayal in today\'s society... where is the love