Love Sick

Everything is white.
Where am I?
What is this?
And, who are you?

The drum beats on
Wait. It's a siren
It's music to my ears
And so is your voice

Your blue eyes are the sky
In contrast to the white cloud we're in
I pinch myself
Is this a dream?

Pain. This is reality
Yet, your vibrant colors pull me farther away from it.
Until we are on a boat together
Approaching a beach.

The trees are green
The flowers are orange and pink
The inside of the coconut, white.
The cool, fine grain sand, white.

I see a pointed stick
No. It's a needle. I see a needle.
Inside are the drugs that
You give me because I'm sick.

It's a parasite, or a virus,
Targeting those who aren't protected.
I chose to have this disease
Take over my brain, and drive me crazy.

I close my eyes
Wait, why is it white?
They are examining my brain
But only you can reach my thoughts.

I smile because I know...
Your vibrant colors
Do not compare to theirs.
The symptoms take over... I have fallen.

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