Love so Innocent


I was thirteen
And those three special words were still frozen on my lips
Waiting for the day I meet a girl with a smile so bright
That they would just melt delicately.
The moment I saw you, I began a story in me
One with missing scenes
Coz I never took the time to stop and think
“I mean what do you think?”
I couldn’t wait to talk to you!

You watched me stutter bloopers, spoilers and trailers of the truth
And just to give a blue sky to a man with a blue face……you smiled.
And your blue-teeth were so beautiful that I couldn’t help but connect
Now we are paired
A fruit like a pear
From the Garden of Eden, where she is the Eve and I the Adam that would sin for her
Every single time she smiles at me.
Love so innocent
And yet so dangerous.

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