Love Spell

Did I find some one that "has" me.
Maybe its the distance that I'm feeling?
but I'm becoming more distant from me.
how can some one have me like that?
I mean I'm already thinking of things
I wanna do with them and for them.
Tell my brain its just a phase cause I don't wanna get get hurt .
But my heart says its more than that.
Love has never hit me like this.
A Love that says nothing else matters .
I wanna hold you close
and sing you to sleep like a child.
Wanna make the ghosts go away.
Hold you till the thunder is over.
Tell you every things OK
even when its all wrong.
A love, not just rainbows and butterfly's
but also truth and lies
A love with washable markers
to re draw our hearts and are thoughts
Love that's true
one that can be rebuilt
if the tide washes away are sandcastle.
I may not know where
I'm going or who I am,
as long as I'm with you
we can lost together
And find our own way
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