Love Started In Any Where

The story of my love with you
Began when we both met under the rain
We were walking across the street
And we don't even know each other

In somehow, I hit a small rock
And I fell down on my knee
You run towards me so fast
Like I am one of your beloved

"Are you ok?!" You asked me
"I think I am fine" I replied
In somehow, we looked at each other
And our eyes started to talk for a while

"You have ocean of love in your eyes!", you told me
"And your eyes filled with passions", I said
In somehow, you hold my hands to help me stand up
And you never left my hands since that

Before, we both don't know each other
But now, we love each other
The rain gathered us
And the street found a great alibi to be together

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    This Poems Story

    A man and a woman were walking under the rain. They both know nothing about each other; just they both were walking across the street. What happened under the rain? How they fell in love with each other; and how the street helped them in order to walk together? "Love started in any where and without any previous plan too"