She would say all guys are the same, well please don't say that.
Because my parents grew me up different truthfully i don't play that.

If a girl plays me, trust me, there's no play backs its like a game of tag
once you leave there's no take backs. I might sound ruthless just not that
stupid, i am just trying to get to your heart babe i need that blue print.

Every guy says there real, they faithful , your heart they are not going to play with well action speaks louder than words i rather show you than say it.

We only live one life if you have somebody hold on, Guys stop playing with a girl's heart it's so wrong. If you have a girl that you love and the relationship is so strong, always tell her you miss her, keep her happy, keep your phone on.

Don't leave her for a second hand chick because she so drawn, because Once you think about it's to late and she so gone.

Well that girl that left is the girl i want why?. Because wife can be her label never read the bible but now i believe in angels, When i am with her she makes my whole life bright.

She so beautiful her smile make's the sky light.Her eyes so sexy they deep they make the sun bright, because babe i can be your vampire if you can be my twilight.

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