Love that never returned

Never knew how and, never knew why
I loved him more than my own soul.
Fate and time had mocked me loud
you love someone that never loved thee back.
But with pain and tears ,
I searched for that unfound love in the heart
of that man who knew me not.
Days I stared at his sparkling eyes
if they would find my overwhelming soul .
Days I mirrored his actions and motions
if he would turn back and give me a smile.
Days I left unslept to dreams about our life
in the land of love.
but never could I buy that priceless soul
that my heart keened so long .
But at this moment my tears shall not fall
for a man who worthy me no more
Conquering the darkest nights of life
I know now to love myself.
For thus I say to that man who never loved me
I thank thee for teaching me love myself
And my love unreturned ,Shall bloom
into a paradise in my true love life.

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