Love Thy self

First in life,
You gotta love yourself , cant nobody love you like you love yourself,
We get one life, Who knows What's left, only time can tell, how much time we got left, So im living life so fast, gotta ask my self, Am I having a good time do I need some extra help, So I made up my mind,I'm the one,know your wealth, cause all appreciation starts inside, with no ones help, when I opened up my eyes, it was I and none else, and when I use up this time, say good bye all by myself, so living is a privilege, so I live it up oh well, I'm beautiful inside, and my pride shows my wealth, got desire in my eyes from a love I give myself, I can't love u if I don't love me, I one thing, that I can garuntee , I look in the mirror, I see a life of luxury cause I know my worth, can't take that from me, I'm will be strong, I will succeed, Now I can pass on some this love, to my family, my Friend's, And foes, And those i never see, But i pray for All tonight to find the love inside of me.

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We all gotta find the love inside ourselves so we can love everyone else.