love too fast for time

First love
Something new,
Brand new.
Nothing I could’ve imagined
would’ve been this amazing.
New girl,
New rules,
But I abide willingly,
Cause you’re my main thing.
Your eyes,
Freeze me,
In time you’ll see.
Exactly how much I love you.
Me and You,
I'm all for you.
First reaction
Send a text,
When I wake,
Day to day,
I wait,
for what you say.
Since 8th grade history class,
Where we first meet.
The girl of my dreams,
My whole world was standing on two feet.
Had me bursting at my seams,
My passion so deep,
Blurring what I see,
It was all “ You & Me”,
Who knew that I’d miss
what my mom came to see.
A drain,
On my emotions,
My effort,
The source of my pain,
The one thing holding me back,
from a better day.
I’m going insane,
Is this all a game?
So.. we’re not getting married one day?

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