Love Trip

We've been dating for about 4 years now,
and for that we should take a bow,
I know we had a rough start
but we vowed to never be apart.
However, though our casual conversations,
A strong sense of love deprivation
Lead to self mutilation
Satan's donation.
This can be time's mutation,
Or just aggravation.
But due to your condescending tone,
I can tell you want to be on your own.
I can't even defend or agree with you
Is it time to say adieu?
I don't know what to do, or how to fix this anymore.
I wish not to be such a bore.
In the void where depression is,
Feeling anxiety like before a quiz.
Although I may be lost,
Your heart keeps me aloft.
Sky high,
Not a reason to cry.
What I saw, a charming, diligent, honest man,
Still here from when we began.
I still love you
And I cant deny these feelings that are true.
So goodnight for now,
When I send for thee, then come thou.
My anger has diminished,
which means I am finished.

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