Love turned Hate

Our love had been potent
like that of a poet emotions
it dripped in a high and low tide
i gave you a smooth line verse,
but you moulded and formed a duet
with love theory and practical answers
sadly now it is all long gone in a poof, extinct
goodbyes were unending,so tiring
do you know how parallel we became
strangers with memories,yeah that is it
now I did hate you as much already
with rage blinding my bloodshot eyes
and my body steeled to the very core
I had become one with the night
to hear your voice fill with grief
weary from screaming as you bleed
and the haunted look in your eyes
knowing there is no chance at all
that you did survive the horror
I warned you a million times,you know
not to see my dark side,you dared
I hope you blend it well in hell
I am done with you now David
now I have my peace, Adios

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