Love Under Water

Our world is under water
And we couldn't be happier
Just you and me just a little while
Everything so still and silent I could cry
I'm dying here and I'm so thankful
That I won't die alone tonight
I wish you were with me every time I died
My lungs fill and my body floats
I give into the rhythm of the tide
I don't care if I ever wash up on shore again
Mermaids were ripped from the sea
And forced to stand
Breathe in the wrong element
We're naked, blue and beautiful
I belong here with the gutless, spineless
Invertebrates, I can relate
Here is where you love me
Love me on land like you do in the sea
Like life is only you and me
Wrap me gently in your cool, calming embrace
Tidal wave now you're trying me
You're tearing off my clothes; you're violating me
You're too strong I spin and spit and cry
I can't breathe, you laugh
It's a control thing
But it was all so beautiful when you loved me in the sea

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