Love .VS. Heartbroken

Love, only one person, only one heart
Love, your heart aches when they leave
I’m saying a pounding in your chest
Not normal
Love, it’s like someone crashed a car into a building and it unleashed all cupids arrows
Love---it’s me and you
Love, a scientist came up with this
When two people don’t just like each other
They’re in need of their presence
But love and heartbroken are two different things
Heartbroken, you’re still love that person but they don’t love you back
Say your heart was a glass cup that someone purposely
Pushed over and it shattered into a million pieces..
It hurts
Heartbroken,that car that you crashed is now damaged
Heartbroken, you want to crawl into your bed and never leave
Heartbroken, you want to crawl into your bed and ball your eyes out
You want to crawl into your bed and text them “I love you”
You hate them!
You love them!
You can’t pick, you can’t decide
Their decision, not yours
You want to believe that being in love is still possible
You want to believe that there’s still someone out there
You want to believe...that you can love again
But if you can...just don’t before you end up with another million pieces
And two million million is more than one million
You want to go back in time and re-do everything
But you’re stuck in this time period with nothing to do but reminisce

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