Love Wasn’t Good Enough

Don't forget I love you too

Mom! Dad! Do you hear me?

Tears flow silently, don't act out violently 

It's not my fault please don't forget about me

I wished things could go back how they used to be

Just you, me, us, we--family is something that was always taught to me

Don't look at me strangely I'm not the one going crazy

Pain heals but these scares will always reveal 

That's why I always put up my shield

Protect my heart or no one else will

The day they decided to walk away

Confused my mind left me blind

Y'all raised me to know wrong from right

So was this right leading to wrong?

Or was this wrong leading to right?

So unsure but too bashful to ask

I would've gave up anything to get y'all back

Sometimes I have dreams of us all being happy

Then I snap back to reality 'cause I know that's just not happening

I hope for the best, but this is my bad ending

Where's my miracle?

I wish this was one of those bad fairy tales

Where the prince takes all my worries away

Hopefully the headache will stop one day

There's still so much I want to say

But every time I choke right up

I know life isn't worth giving up

I love y'all both enough for the three of us

I guess that just wasn't good enough

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