Love worth..Love worth..Love wor

Love worth..Love worth..Love worth..Poem.
Your beyond the shooting stars in the sky your the angel I see in the heavens of my life. I should know what is beyond earth the devil wanted to take my life back around 2010 he thought he has the upper hand but I'm a fighter through life he never had a chance to win I say middle fingers up to him and all his sins..Love worth..Love worth..Love worth..
Your the angel in the heaven of my sky your the capital B in Beautiful I'm all about truth never any room for the l in lie in my life who knows maybe your the t that brings truth outta me oh well I'm ready for the capital L Love ride I ride till I die. Light the weed we can just cuddle and smoke it up enjoy our flight.
Love worth..Love worth..Love worth.
Your the angel in the heaven of my sky I will always be there for you no need to ever feel afraid or cry and even if you need to shed a tear I'll always be there to hold you and tell you everything is going to be alright..Your the capital B in Beautiful your the angel in the heaven of my sky..
Love worth..Love worth..Love worth..

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