Loved Me Not

"I love you too!" Seems to be redundant.
Or maybe it's me mouthing "I said I love you!"
As if she never heard me.
Heck I listened to her!
She ranted 'bout some guy she knows for days.
I even given her advice.
But she has an inability to retain information.
So it's not really her fault.
The other day she cried in my arms.
I rubbed her back and comfort her for hours.
We took a walk to the park and stopped for ice cream.
Somewhere during our walk we held hands.
We sat on the bench and talked some more.
"You got ice cream in your mustache" she said.
Then gently wiped it off.
I seiezed the moment and went in for a kiss.
"You can't do that!" she said "I'm married"
"I'm sorry" was all I could mustard.
But she quickly stormed off.
Just my luck I found a four leaf clover.
I picked it up and plucked it.
"She love me."

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