Loveless Humanity

Those who are the hardest to love

Are the ones that need it most.

I dont give up and I dont back down,

But theres so many times that I've come close.

Whatever the discrepancies

Wearily, I stood strong.

Battling more demons than ever were mine.

Writhing in the pain of those done wrong.

Humanities a failed experiment.

To selfish to remember how nothing feels.

Greedy souls demanding and taking,

When we all have gifts we should give.

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Key Words : life, wisdom, lessons

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This Poems Story

This poem just came to me out of nowhere one day. I had grown weary of hearing about all the selfish, greedy people in the world whos sense of entitlement had and has began to run rampant in the world today. Everyone wants something done for them but refuse to return the same respects that they expect.