I still love the way you treated me
Is it bad the way you defeated me
I was so high
High on love
I would do anything for your attention
For your affection
You really captured my heart.
People told me not to
But I continued
And continued
Until you told me,
Nothing was the same
Maybe its a lie
A lie worth telling
I look up at the stars
And think is the life worth selling?
Maybe I was the one wrong
Wrong with the idea
We could be together
In a society like this?
Please let it go
Dont talk about it.
I yell but im the only one that is worth telling
I fell in love with the idea
Of us.
We move on right?
Bigger and better.
I wish you the best
Or maybe the worst that has yet to come
Filling my head with your deeds.
But your the only thing that makes the world
You are the root of all evil but
I still need to have you.
I just wish I didnt need to have you.

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This poem tells how we love something so much we do anything to obtain it.