The pain, the pain, oh the pain,
How it has returned again.
My dear, my love, I am sorry,
But I must be on my way;
I brought you down this road of hurt
And drained your soul of all twas good.
I loved you more than life itself,
But you did not love me the same.
I saw you flirting with that whore;
All your time is spent with him
And in that world I'm unknown.
I'm sorry, I did not mean to offend.
My feelings are a bit amiss;
My love for you cannot be contained,
But I do not want to cause you pain.
That is why I brought you here,
To give you one last final wound
Before our paths are lost from each other.
You love another, I understand,
But a life without your love is no life to live.
That is why I must leave you my friend.
Goodbye my friend, my love, my very being,
I welcome death with arms a-greeting.

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