Lover Of My Soul

My heart calls out for someone to notice
The tears that fall from my eyes in secret-
Hidden corners of the hallway,
Or covered by the shadows of light.
You know my pain, my suffering, my fight,
And so my heart calls out to you,
Father, Lover of my soul, Protector of my spirit.
Let your warmth nullify the dank coldness of the darkened monsters-
Lurking in the evil corners of my mind.
God, oh my God, my heart calls out for you.
My spirit is rendered weak, I am not strong enough for this.
But it is you who tells me, "you are."
Christ, Lover of my soul, hold me tight and don't let go,
Because I fear the moment you do, the darkness will take over.
Christ, Lover of my heart, please let us not part,
For the moment I am weak the monsters are strong.
Be the strength in me that I cannot be.
For my Lord I fear I cannot win without you near.
God, oh my God, let this fight end,
For I know not how long I can fend off the evil lurking within.
And I will praise you, my God, my Father, for as long as I can,
And when my fight is over, and the evil has gone
I will praise you still for it is you who helped me win.

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