Lover So Distant

Lover so distant yet so close, what is it that has you next to me
but in a different state area code, nation or world?
Laying next to me the heat is on 90 but the bed is so cold.
Your body is touching mine but you aren't laying in the bed with me
even though my arms are around you... my girl.
What is this Déjà Vu? No matter what I say to you
it's as if there is no love in you or the feeling of emptiness
comes across in your eyes.
Trying to hold conversation is like speaking to the mirror
and expecting a response that I didn't say
or the way to give myself confirmation when expecting
something to come out of your disguise.
The illusion of real that is far from the truth,
continuing from the beginning lost as an innocent youth.
Where are we in this house alone together
feeling like it's just me myself and I.
Hours on end in the same room without a word or a peep.
I keep saying things to you but they go ignored
like I haven't even vocalized a thing.
I quote witty lines to make you smile
in hopes of hearing you laughing.
Our demise is not an option
just an annoying possibility that can haunt my every move.
Distant lover.. lover of mine tell me what must I do...
to get you in the same place that I am in
even though neither one of us has moved.

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