Lover\'s Lane

Took a stroll today to lover's lane
This was a place where singles went to entertain
I wasn't up this way since the area was closed off
Found it hard getting up that huge hill, very tough

We used to pick blueberries and hoarded our money to go to the exhibition
This of course was our most treasured yearly tradition
We'd tease each other to see who saved the most
We couldn't wait for the first day to come and oh how we'd boast

We would bring our water jugs with us and sit there for hours
We had to fill our dishes, even if it showered
We'd never leave the field empty, that was a no no
Instilled in us by our mother, we wouldn't leave till our bowls overflowed

Funny how we didn't mind the heat back then in younger years
The whole area is now a mass of briers
The brilliance of flora in the field in such a wide expanse of hues
Brought back precious memories of that sweet smell of summer with its purple, green, yellow and blues

It reminded me of peace and tranquility in that field in truth
When we didn't have a care in the world, the easy simple days of youth
So sad to see the field was empty, not a berry
Thinking of how plentiful it used to be, I found this so contrary

The earth didn't replenish the berries after the fields were plowed down
I reminisced as I saw the area where my mom and me picked, that turned brown
It was so nice going back to that special place to embrace
That wonderful memory I will remember in my heart when it used to be great

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