Lover's Solitude

Stinging cold beats a cadence
Matching the rhythm beneath my chest
The sunset from the tide-covered sand
Dances brilliantly on the rippling blue
Then into the horizon fades,
Like the dying cries of the gulls
Stars welcome the darkness, hanging proudly
We walk without haste
Leaving impressions of our presence
Marks in the sand
Leading a subtle trail
To where we wander
Green replaces the gritty beige
And incline takes us to solitude
Sitting amongst the hills
The night sings around us
It forewarns of a storm
Thunder silently builds and the rain falls
Still stinging cold, lulling a melody
My hand wanders over the damp blades of green
Entwines with yours as you look at me
The rain caressing my face replaced by your hand
And then your lips
We kiss
We dance to the beat of the raindrops as they hit the earth... we kiss

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