Love’s Corruption

Where's the hope in a world so cold.
Is it like love, lost to be bought and sold.
All for the dollar, where sex is like gold.
Where is the love, in a world gone wrong.
Where is the hope, the music, the song.
Telling it all, the good and the bad.
Telling it all, the hurting, it's sad.
Used as an object, for comfort, for joy.
Used as an object, for sex like a toy.
They are started when young as girl, as boy.
Perverted by nature of sick twisted men.
Perverted by nature the evil planted within.
Sex for the dollar, easy and cold.
Sex for the dollar, where virtue is sold.
Where is the hope in a world so sick.
A world where men think using only their stick.
Many families are broken, and their children are sold
All for the system where sex is gold.
T.V. and music it's all the same,
Embedded and hidden with a message in which lies the blame.
Wake up from this cycle of lust and desire,
Wake up for love, for change, to inspire.
We have it within us, yes you, yes me,
To take back this world, to set us all free.

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