Love’s Curse

By SK   

"Love", she beckons, "do come near."
She stops to wipe a single tear
"Do give me what I most desire,
Bless me with a burning fire".

So love did sit and ponder, And many a times did wander
And gave the girl her wish, To feel love's death kiss.

But time did befriend her so-called love,
And gave a simple shove from above
And soon left the girl in tears,
After all the simple years.

"Love", she screamed, "Please come near",
As she wiped her many tears
"Do explain why my desire
ended, why no eternal fire?"
"I can tell you where you went wrong,
for it's as simple as wording, that's all."
And love did sit and smile.
"It burned for quite a while,
But the trouble my dear," he said,
And with this he shook his head.

"For love, as you said was a blessing, not worse
Ah, and love is but only a curse."

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