Loves Darkness Whispers

Cut me open let bleed from within
Tell me you love me and let this story begin.

There is an emptiness inside of my heart,
It cries, it weeps, it bleeds. We are apart.

Could there be more to this life than a never ending love,
Is love a plague, a pain, a punishment from above.

Can you hear my whispers from within the dark,
Does it echo through the night like a lost dogs bark.

When the time comes, is my heart safe with you,
Or are you the darkness and I never really knew.

I don't have the answers the the questions of life,
I don't know how to stop those words that cut like a knife.

Will you share with me a glass of rum,
Will you dance with me to the soundless drum.

I don't know anymore, whether this life is real,
And so I will make with you, a pact, a deal.

I will hear your whispers, your cries, that echo in time,
I will hear your plea's. I will answer. For really...they are mine.

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