Loves Goodbye

There are often things better left unsaid
Like that the road to true love has left many dead
Or that a love lost cost more when it helped you open new doors
And rest in peace is just a metaphor
For a love given but never received as so many times before
So baby your my Ana
Your my Jamie
Your my Sam
All loved who i started as
Then tried to change who i am
Your my Ana because u broke my heart by tearing me in 2
Your my Jamie because death took
you when what we had once could be true
Your my Sam because you changed the stipulations
behind our situation
and tried to assassinate who i am
God damn i hate how i felt for you
And how when i was next to u the skies reflected the brightest blue
At one point i thought id found a love that was true
But then came the beast that hid in u
u reflected something out of past memories
But played it differently because you chose me
Now i'm drowning in my own self hate thinking bout what used to be
And praying to the god of fate that i no longer carry this hate
Because this love for another you did decimate

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